What the Brood Cicadas look like:

Where they will be:

There are over 3,000 different species of cicadas and they all generally  fall into two categories; those who show up annually, and those who only come around periodically.

The cicadas who show up periodically live most of their life underground; feeding on tree roots before they emerge once every decade or so to go through their final molting state and become an adult. 

The periodicals typically emerge in large numbers and it gets a little crazy to live with. However, they only stay long enough to become an adult, snack on some young and soft tree branches, and lay a bunch of eggs. After that, they are no longer a burden; at least for the next several years.

Here are some extra links for you to explore more! There is also an app called Cicada Safari that allows you to photograph your sightings and report their location. This "app" helps researchers track the cicada population by reporting density and location. How exciting is that?!

How to Protect the Trees:


Download the app to help researchers track the cicadas!!!


Brood X Cicadas:


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